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Hi there I am Brian T Collins, one of the original promoters of 432Hz since the late 1980s. I write Celestial Music and I help people improve their quality life though a transformational healing modality I created called Quantum Musicology. I am blessed to have lived a life as a pioneer always exploring new fronteers and possibilities.

I journey a lot to sacred places where I spend time with the earth energies and connect with the spirit of the land. As a descendent of the ancient Irish druids I have a natural talent for music, healing and higher intuition. I believe pilgrimages to sacred places is a way to embody more life force within one’s lifetime and by living a purposeful life dedicated to the ancient ways, I can follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and help to heal people who are committed to transformation. I have helped many people as a catalyst for change and my music had helped tens of thousands gain a better quality of life.

Just before the equinox I ran a little poll on facebook live and on my main website here

The Power of the 432 Equinox

The result was to send me to one of two places, Tulum or Chichen Itza. I ended up going to Chichen Itza by one vote, so I got up in the early morning darkened hours in Playa Del Carmen and went for the day. The sun was already scorching hot as I approached the unesco site. As usual there are more rules than sense regarding world heritage sites, so I was denied entry for having a camera tripod. I returned to my hotel accommodation that was beautiful and reasonably priced to drop it off. I went back hoping they would not stop me from bringing my flute so I asked the spirit of the ancestors to let me pass. I was not bothered by the guards this time and got into the site early on a bright day. I only had a small window to sound my sacred flute in between tours so I sat down and began to play in the scorching sun of the Mexican Jungle.

I then demonstrated in the video one of the special sound phenomenons at Chichen Itza. The standing wave refraction that creates an unusual chirping against the stone of the pyramid. The builders were very advanced in the knowledge of sound and astrological alignments. Once I dowsed the exact spot, I stood in the sweet spot of the telluric vortex and sounded the sacred 432 flute tuned to a D note 144 for world peace and healing intent once again. As in other places, the still air began to stir as the wind around me began to pick up. There is a special phenomenon that occurs with my ‘magic’ flute around sacred sites and I was thrilled to feel the energetic presence of this spiritual connection to nature. It is a profound experience that cannot be measured.

Most pyramids are constructed to a north south alignment, however the pyramid at Chichen Itza is aligned to the equinox so equal amounts of day and night (43,200 seconds each) create an event that many from around the world come to witness on this special day. The event starts with light and shadow upon the staircase cast by the rays of the sun. This is known as the great feathered serpent as light moves down to stone serpents head at the base of the pyramid and the underworld shadow moves up as moving serpent coils. As a metaphor this shows the internal movement between life and death as the great dualistic nature of consciousness and nature. As soon as the Shadow tip creates a triangle upon the lip of the stairs, the mayan elders would sound out a conch shell announcing the scales of the serpent. Cheers arose from the crowd of thousands gathered in pilgrimage at the base of the pyramid. I was blessed to have made it right to the very base as first inline to film time lapse of the event.

There are 9 platforms leading up to the top hinting at this divine proportion related to the reduction of numbers that we find in many sacred places and temples around the world.

We find sacred geometry and stone tied to sound and numbers around the world and the ancients wanted to embody these numbers into proportion lest we forget as they lived in connection with nature.

I would like to share this video that no matter what is introduced by fear events performed around special esoteric days like solstices and equinoxes by the current ruling establishment that we as a species can rise to the occasion in peace and harmony as one with our environment. Here is the video to the sacred sounding on the equinox, Enjoy.

Bless you all, Brian T Collins


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