432Hz Tuning Note “A”

If you need to tune your instrument you can tune by ear to the pitch A=432Hz tuning tone below.
Guitar players tune your “A” string to this tone and then tune the harmonics at the 5th and 7th fret to get them in tune. You will find over time that A=432Hz helps that pesky “G” note on the “E” string that always sounds “out,” depending on intonation adjustment at the saddles of your bridge.


Sound Experiment
You can also use the tone above for mantra chanting and general sound purposes.  Try resonating glass of purified or distilled water with a 432Hz tuning fork. Then repeat the experiment in a controlled manner with 256Hz, 440Hz, 528Hz tuning forks. Sound strange? Try a taste sensation test before and after each resonation of different frequency. Try in random order, then in succession. Is there a noticeable difference? what is your observation? is it more just a sensation of feeling? or instead a noticeable difference in the texture of the water?
An unbiased academic and independent long term study needs to be performed in participation to draw empirical conclusions on this phenomena.




Any sound healing treatments are not intended to replace functional medicine or the need for health practitioners, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any health-related condition associated with any life form.
If you or any person or animal for which you are responsible has a medical condition, please consult with the health practitioner of your choice.
Because frequency delivery systems such as stereos and speakers are highly variable in design and output, Brian Collins makes no claim or warranty, express or implied, that use of such frequency information will achieve any specific outcome.
Furthermore, provision of frequency information is not intended to imply that use of it could affect any animal, plant, or human functionality or health-related condition or state of being, in any specific manner.
Living systems are complex, and results from use of the frequency information offered here may vary.

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