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“From inner space sounds the cosmic music of life”

Article By: Brian T Collins

Music from the beginning of antiquity was not intended as a form of entertainment and instead, was the focal point of spiritual connection.
In ancient times, schools of knowledge taught about the harmonic principles of cosmic influence upon natural systems and the development of man. It was believed that the gods or planets has a direct influence upon man.
Man’s inner ability to inter-connect with the vibrant conscious resonant environment has always played an integral role in the development of civilizations and role of behaviors from one type of conscious awareness to the other.
It is well documented that the push and pull of magnetic and electromagnetic cosmic forces play an important role in the development of man and rise and fall of civilizations.
The subtle push and pull from the moon on the tides and inner waters of our bodies or the squaring or retrograde of planetary influence upon our resonant fields bodies may create a marionette of emotions in the conscious awareness. Most have heard of the phrase “full moon madness” but few understand the push and pull of apogee and perigee that moons influence plays on diamagnetic influence upon the body and mind, or how such influences of the planetary spheres are based on a symphony of ratio.
Such skips and wobbles in the spiral orbits of planets may produce ultra-low electromagnetic oscillations.
This song and dance of the cosmos may create a constant push and pull electromagnetic pressure on the metallic compounds of the body thus possibly creating magnetic stress upon the structures of the body, which ultimately, may influence the emotions. Although there is no materialist evidence to prove what the spiritual culture of India has been practicing for thousands of year in honored tradition, Mastery of the emotions and transformation of the body through proper sun gazing techniques and yoga may assist with the stresses of transits of the planets. The practice of grounding oneself properly to the earth has been labeled as Pseudo-Science by western materialistic worldview and even time honored ancient Vedic traditions are labeled as Pseudo-Science.
A solid foundation based on natural progressions and ratios of the planets and earth may alleviate such conditions.
Dissonance can possibly create electrical stress which may be conducted or transmitted by the nervous system and the skeleton. Bone for an example is mineral based and carries a peizo electric charge that needs to discharge properly to the earth. Bone is “tuned” to nature and most doctors taught only statistical procedure and do not question why they use a C=256 hz (C note in concert A=432 hz at 12 true 5ths tuning) tuning fork to find tiny bone fractures.  Grounding oneself has huge benefits to whomever tries it however the systemic problem is the removal of conscious awareness from experience in participation and scientific observation.

“Time Keeps on Ticking with 432”

How we perceive time is through the platonic year.  A platonic year is the time it takes for the sun to rise in the spring equinox to move through one degree every 72 years to complete one full spiral arc of 25,920 years through the zodiac. The average numbers of breaths a healthy adult takes in a 24 hour period at 18 breaths per minute x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 25,920 breaths. Certain mystery schools taught that the development of the human span of spirit is 360 x 72 = 25, 920 days, achieved through the teaching of “the fire and the bellows” breath. (advanced alchemy)
The Sun’s diameter and movement of Saturn is closely related to the measurement 864 (432×2) both in size and time of orbit whilst the moon is related to 216. (half 432) Our system of time keeping of an earth day was based on a 360 degree sphere with 86,400 seconds in 24 hours, 43,200 seconds in 12 hours and 21,600 thousand seconds in 6 hour counts. The synchronicity between these mathematical values show up time and time again throughout antiquity and the natural world. In the Holy Book of the Upanishads/Geeta, the traditional count of brahma is 4,320 million years.
As a musician and composer having spent the better half of thirty three years of my life, in and out of recording studios through the transition from analog recording to digital, most recording computer systems hard wire recording software tuning at default 440Hz Equal Temperament settings. Modern recording systems still have to rely on prime number clockspeed rates to encode information properly.   If you examine most clock speed sample rates, you will notice they are usually based from “C” prime math with 8 bit sample clock rates of 64, 128, 256, 512, 256Hz is a “C” in you guessed it, A=432Hz at twelve true fifths tuning.  As a professional musician, this speaks volumes to me that the music industry has always known about natural law of using prime numbers.

“Light, Light, Light”

According to some theories everything is made of light, we may appear to be existing within relative true light  already and what is called visible light speed is actually the latency of the flashline sequence of the boundary dimension layers of perception once light delivers hydrogen.  Each dimension may appear as a trinity flash line sequence based on ratios of frequency dampening.
According to Bruce Cathie Light spirals at 144,000 minutes of arc per earth grid second with 432 as the square root of light. years ago, I mentioned that sound and light are somehow interconnected. I based that statement purely on the amount of spiritual traditional study on the subject. Mainstream militant materialists will certainly dispute this, as materialists state there is no connection between mechanical sound waves and visible electromagnetic light waves, but I assure you that they have a transference nonlocal medium that encodes properties onto both mechanical and electromagnetic perception according to strong and weak forces of relative bonding and infra red transition. If they were not inter-related then NASA could not take the background electromagnetic symphony of cosmic compression waves from stars and planets and convert them to sound. Both mechanical sound pressure waves and electromagnetic light waves may be relative perceptions connected through interference patterns of the interactive boundary layers or nodal points of spherical intercecting  grid points that may appear as waves or points. Electrons form in the nodal interference of phase and anti phase to create the trinity of matter through the perception of dimension of frequency over given observable time. This means an electron is not material but instead an event that changes over time.

All perceived phenomenon are just events in time. We seem to observe only one side of a parallax view of actual existence classifying the universe objectively from a relativistic subjective materialist worldview perception of belief systems that are purely based on matter being unconscious and consciousness itself demoted to a Descartes dualistic mechanical function. Seen from the ancient traditional worldview perspective that mind is in all things, we may appear to be living in a true intelligent universe and from that perspective of time honored ancient tradition and custom of conscious matter, it may make sense to connect oneself to a grounded spiritual traditional perspective. but only if this information resonates with you.
Questions I have been debating and seeking for sometime; Can the unnatural arbitrary equal temperament choice of using A=440Hz for the sensations of tone and concert pitch create negative conditions of disharmony and piezoelectric stress within the body? and can 440Hz ET alter the natural resonance of the morphogenetic resonant fields and disconnect us from global spiritual evolution?
Considering the train wreck of philosophy since the conceptual introduction of dualism and the militant materialism coup d’état of true science, look to what has happened to the evolution of the species in the last few hundred years as we are demoted into mere mechanical function and now recently forced by legal statute to accept being radiated by terahertz scanning devices that according to researchers is causing genetic change to DNA.
See Here: Terahertz Radiation

From my own experience and instinct A=432Hz and 256Hz is part of the effect of intelligent universal design. when I read of the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, to whom I accredit Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, my experience and instinct of intelligent universal design started to make sense when he talked of intelligent electrons being time wave events and Mind being in future and matter in the past.
We need to work together now as a species and put away the childish aggressions of materialism. For me, a return to traditional worldview choices for philosophy science and music, may assist putting mechanical polemic thinking aside and can allow us in the spirit of co-operation to do greater things in philosophy, science and music together…

Rudolph Steiner  November Lecture 1923

“if we want to describe the human being up to the stage of the Sun existence we must fix our attention on his spirit-form or figure, and describe that. But having entered the Sun region man undergoes an experience which I calledliving his way into the Cosmic Music, the Music of the Spheres. He hears, in cosmic harmony and cosmic melody, the meaning, as it were, of all the inter working of the starry worlds. For this working together of the stars, which is at the same time an expression of the working together of the Spiritual Beings that are in these regions — this it is, ultimately, that comes to revelation in cosmic harmony and cosmic melody. It is chiefly the life of feeling in its spiritual metamorphosis that is quickened and stimulated in the Sun existence. Every experience man has is like cosmic melody and cosmic harmony vibrating through his entire being. What we need at this stage of life between death and a new birth is not anything of the nature of theory, nor indeed anything that lends itself at all to expression in words. What we need is to feel — with a universal feeling that fills our being through and through — the harmonies and melodies born from the inter-workings of the different orders of Beings in the Cosmos.”

The Maria Renold Studies on Concert Pitch

by: Amazon review
MARIA RENOLD (1917-2003) spent her childhood in the United States, where her parents emigrated to found a eurythmy school in New York. She studied eurythmy and later violin and viola and toured with the Bush Chamber Orchestra and the Bush String Quartet. One of Maria Renold’s deeply-felt questions concerned the correct concert pitch. When she heard of Rudolf Steiner’s concert pitch suggestion of C=128 hz she put it into practice immediately, and experimented with it over many years in America and Europe. She also discovered a new method of tuning the piano, closer to the tuning of stringed instruments, arriving at the concert pitch of  A=432 hz.
The results of her work include the following discoveries: that the octave has two sizes (a ‘genuine’ sounding octave is bigger than the ‘perfect’ octave); that there are three sizes of ‘perfect’ fifths; that an underlying ‘form principle’ for all scales can be found; and, most importantly, the discovery of a method of tuning the piano which is more satisfactory than equal temperament. She also gives foundation to some of Rudolf Steiner’s statements such as: ‘c is always prime’ and ‘C=128 hz = Sun’.
The following excepts are direct transcriptions from her book called “Intervals, Scales, Tones and the Concert Pitch C=128” Her incredible research sheds light on the choice of frequencies to achieve spiritual connection through music: From page 79:
“An English curative teacher who did a lot of unaccompanied singing with about 400 children and adolescents noticed that all his pupils managed the melodies without difficulty and returned correctly to the beginning tone when it was C1=256 hz, which was by no means the case when the tone was A=440Hz.
Our experiments show that tones have a moral value also for modern people. A tone such as A=440Hz, though beautiful, has a goading and antisocial effect. such an effect can only be described as the antithesis of good. Other tones, such as C1=256Hz, have a harmonizing and beneficial effect and may therefore be called ‘good’.
The tendency to raise the concert pitch to 448-450Hz, which has developed in most Central European orchestras since the last war, can have grave consequences”.

The Classical Revolution

The Schiller Institute campaign for a change to concert pitch from A=440Hz back to A=432Hz has valid merit as an International Standard of Concert Pitch.
The harmonic overtone partials of 432Hz appear to be in harmony  with natural patterns and even planetary orbits.

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