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In 2001  Brian T Collins decided to dedicate himself to using 432Hz music tuning as a conscious alternative to 440Hz music standard tuning. Aware of 432Hz since the late eighties, Brian continued on as a music industry freelancer using the standard tuning until life circumstances allowed him to change his direction. This is how it happened.

One night on a stadium concert stage Brian had an epiphany during a ambient solo. He looked up and saw thousands of people with lighters lit, making the stadium look like a sea of stars.
At that very moment Brian realized that he was living the lifestyle that so many dream for.

-He was there, he had “made it”.  A curious sensation then overwhelmed him, far worse than stage fright or fear.
For the first time in his life he felt the illusion of the music industry and the lifestyle it brought. It was all based on vanity, greed, and debauchery of the spirit. Musicians largely get into music for fame fortune and recognition; but when the music industry becomes involved they spiral down into addiction and selfishness and burn out due to the pressures to “perform”.

Omega432™ Earth ConcertsAt that point Brian felt hollow and tried to finish off the rest of the gig with  a mask of performance covering his true emotions. After the gig Brian took his gear into the hotel room and while the band partied in the hotel room next door, he played passionately in 432Hz. Alone in the dark he felt luminous. He could hear the licentiousness of the 440Hz lifestyle blaring through the wall next door. He felt the intrusion of the falseness of the after party. That was the beginning of the end of playing in 440Hz as a tuning for Brian.

Can you imagine walking away from a successful career as a session musician who relied on 440Hz music to make a living?

Well it was an easy choice to make; but a difficult path to walk.
The music tuned to 432Hz took Brian to new heights of knowledge and understanding about the systems of the earth. Brian has never wavered in his integrity and honour to share his experiences of truth and wisdom by paying 432Hz music forward.

You can learn more about his personal journey on this video:

What is 432Hz?

We measure frequency as beats or cycles per second. We use the term Hertz for how many of those beats pulse per second, so 432Hz pulses at 432 times per second.

Current de facto standard music tuning you hear in everyday life is 440Hz.

(de facto means by force of majority in practice but not necessarily ordained by law) Despite petitions against 440Hz it was passed by de facto practice in 1955 through the International Standards Organisation. (ISO 16)

We use the A (In Yellow) note as a pitch reference for tuning musical instruments, so when we use terms like 432Hz and 440Hz, it means the pitch that the A note above middle (In Blue) on the piano is tuned to A=432Hz or A=440Hz.


From the Author

223335_111313529023270_131255709_nMy main proposal, that I have maintained for over three decades as a professional musician and producer, is the current de facto standard tuning of 440Hz is too high for vocalists, who may strain their vocal chords trying to sing at higher pitch.

Instruments are under great strain of tension in higher tunings and can warp and damage over time. Due to the electromagnetic and acoustic physics of sound, music notes played on strings with higher tension do not sustain their oscillation like they can in lower tunings such as 432Hz. There is also a element of negative spacetime that lends itself to the undertone series that is beyond most of the academic comprehension due to their indoctrination of repeated mainstream curriculum.

Music is purely subjective and must be experienced by the listener, therefore it is up to you to choose a music tuning pitch that feels authentically right for you. We are all different and have different density of bone in our bodies etc, so no tuning is an absolute one and only superior music tuning for everyone. The bi-polar debate of “this” versus “that” is an erroneous point of view based on these facts.  For this reason alone I urge the listener to choose what feels right for them.

Whilst others in higher tunings (no names mentioned) make outrageous claims to support their point of view, I am the only long term promoter of music frequency pitch who urges people to choose for themselves, after all it’s your right and I will not force my choice upon you.

I believe my responsible approach  gives people a transparent and reasonable request to follow their heart, rather than an internet new age guru claiming utopian beliefs or materialist polemic academic employee who promotes polarity through quasi-science.

I do have to say, from the volume of testimonials I have received throughout the years, once most people hear music in 432Hz they pick 432Hz over higher or even lower tunings, regardless of what intonation or temperament is used. (The space between the notes)

Internet wild wild west

In recent years, there has been a number of opportunists making frivolous claims whilst attacking and trolling those who use 432 as their right and choice of tuning. There is nothing wrong with making a living off a product, or trying to defend your position as an employee academic, however most claims are totally absurd or quasi-science. Recently there is a concerted effort to claim 432 was given to humnaity by Annunaki ETs’. Other older marketing strategies even claim 440Hz music tuning was a conspiracy brought about by nazi party leader Joseph Goebbels. This is pure dis-information to further alienate the general public from trying alternate tunings and sell products under such erroneous claims that hold no merit. Unfortunately we now live in a world where anyone can BS or troll those who do not fit their comfort zone. The dumbing down of humanity to an infant like selfish state is almost complete.

One of the factors why 440Hz Equal Temperament was implemented long before the nazis came to power in Germany, was to alleviate unwanted vibration in concert halls. Venues and churches would shake during performances under certain tunings which affected the glass panes on windows.  A pitch war between the standards in Europe, Britain and America brought the suggestion of a compromise. An arbitrary standard was reached between three modes of tuning philosophy, namely mathematic, geometric and over/undertone series.

Let me explain: the tempering of the fifth interval seems to slightly diminish natural sympathetic vibration between music and concert hall environment; however, 440Hz equal temperament is a synthetic compromise to open fifths. The listener rarely hears the difference but can feel the difference if they are in conscious tune with their body. I urge you to study this fascinating and complex topic. Maria Renolds is a great start. She concluded, after 20 years of pitch study, that 440Hz may induce anti social conditions whereas A432/C128 can be felt in the heart.

Most people escape their pain so they have a hard time sensing their body due to habits from escaping their senses with medications, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. If you or someone you knows falls in this category, you/they may have trouble consciously listening to the body. Question not the sensation of tone, but the lifestyle that stops the bodies ability to listen sensitively!

Music is about Feeling

As a producer specialising in meditation and relaxation music, I choose to remain in reason and follow my heart in what feels right for me and my spiritual development. In that, I report  some of the findings and incredible experiences I have had since using 432Hz in my music. I am contacted every week from people who tell me my music has changed their lives. The volume of positive feedback far outweighs the odd personal attack from someone stuck in a material mindset. People feel good listening to my music and music is about feeling.

Why the name Omega432?

Q: Does this have anything to do with organised religion or occult such as Alpha and Omega or a utopian new age cult view that some internet dis-information authors have suggested?

A: NO! Alpha and Omega in religion suggests the separation of consciousness into polarity of opposing sides. We experience this closed minded perception as black or white absolutes, however nothing is absolute.
This website is for the open minded and mixes philosophy, metaphysics, ontology, natural sciences, ancient principals, gnosis, mysticism and hands-on experience rather than relying on the repeated referenced secular curriculum of materialism.

Omega represents the divine feminine aspect that is the heartfelt experience and has been out of balance in civilisation for a few thousand years. Many ancient cultures who embraced the divine feminine were wiped off the face of the earth, temples smashed and history re-written. Many who support these ancient principals and geometric traditions in music have been denied audience in the world forum of patriarchal polemic materialism.

432 represents the Divine Nine aspect and number gematria that can be found in many ancient teachings, ontological and metaphysical study and many patterns found in nature and without limitation, the measurements of the earth, moon, sun and saturn.
432Hz is a tuning pitch can be felt as a heart-centred experience in music, regardless of using a resonant intonation like 12 true 5ths, Pythagorean, Just or Equal Temperament.

Music evokes an emotional response. Resonant music evokes a spiritual experience though the sensation of tone. Therefore, to deny oneself in the experience of emotions through music, is to deny oneself a spiritual experience through tone.

Omega432™ is the return of ancient divine feminine principals in music, representing an alternative (not fringe) to the patriarchal materialism and the absurdity of material worldview quasi-science.


Polemic Attackers and Trolls
Unfortunately, close minded individuals and materialists try to sway public opinion by ridiculing any legitimate use of 432Hz in music. Attackers then discredit the hands-on experiences of professional musicians and authors, labelling them as ‘paranoid fringers’ as an attempt to ruin their credibility to the public. Recently alternative news sources have come under fire from the real clear and present danger of true false news which is the de facto mainstream journalism that seeks to discredit any truth in contrary to the narrative sustaining the current establishment. History is an absolute lie with most of it being altered from the 8th century onwards in favour of sustaining a ponzi economic scheme in favour of elite banking families who murdered off the original bloodlines and took over. Today every facet of institutional foundation sustain the descendants of these conquerors. We are not just at ends with legal, political and economic corruption, but one of the original control methods that was through the use of music by the venetian nobility who patroned the enlightenment schools of Europe from the middle ages onwards. This was an old world game, not a new one.

Today we face mass mind control and those who can escape this matrix are often ridiculed by the herd mentality, it’s troll agents. This is a sad state we must face to hold our station and integrity in what is true and right.

When someone has to attack, defame or discredit someones reputation to control, mislead and sway public opinion away from an idea, then the attacker has already lost the debate. Prejudice is not a valid form of logical debate or reason. Many new age marketing trends have deliberately used frivolous and unwarranted claims–such as outrageous conspiracy theories and religious dogma–to generalise the tuning debate and deter the use of 432Hz and other alternative tunings. Attackers have taken absurd new age claims as ammunition to label 432Hz as pseudo science.

Current science has been secularised by the materialist worldview of peer review repeated reference, rather than hands-on participatory scientific experience. When conclusions are reached by non-participation in experiments it becomes speculation–not true science.

Therefore, modern science as we know it is currently dogmatic quasi-science and the academic foot-soldiers who tout out repeated de facto dogma actually resemble the mind control symptoms of cult members. Like pavlov’s dog they have been trained, so we must pity such mindsets and hope they heal.


Have a Heart

We are vibrant beings who think and feel in a period where global civilisation is under great change and in danger due to the rule of materialism. We must return to moral ancient principals of balance between the masculine and feminine, reinstate the golden rule of law and be compassionate in co-operation rather than divided and secular, according to materialist social programming. The more we can connect to nature and use conscious choices for conscious music, the better we become. 432Hz gives us the grounding to make empathic decisions for a better future.

You cannot stop an idea whose time has come. A=432Hz is spreading globally as more and more people choose to feel music in their hearts, rather than listen to music in their minds as a mere form of entertainment.


Experience  432 music your self  Click Here


Viva 432Hz 

Bless you all,

Brian T Collins


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