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Third party use to cause confusion or damage with third parties or competitors

Brian T Collins is not responsible for any third-party misuse of information taken/stolen from this website, nor does he engage in competitive polar points of view between A=432Hz, A=440Hz & C=528Hz. 
As a music professional with over 3 decades of musical experience and sound healing, Brian T Collins recognises that musical pitch and the sensation of tone is unique to each individual. Brian T Collins recognises that raising concert pitch puts unnecessary tension strain on vocal chords and wooden historical instruments. The intent of the original 432Hz movement was to establish a concert tuning pitch that could help preserve historical instruments by lowering the pitch and reducing pressure on such instruments.  This fact is willfully overlooked by third-party proponents of other tunings who create conspiracy and number magic to create division.
Brian T Collins’s original premise was that modern concert pitch is a closed tone circle entertainment system and differs from open fifth tunings that can be used to promote healing through the use of certain drone notes. Regardless of pitch, equal temperament is a closed circle of  fifths system and that cannot be debated. The early use of music intonation used in antiquity was ‘Just Intonation’ and ‘Pythagorean,’ NOT equal temperament, so the claims made by others to raise concert pitch to meet their pseudo number magic claims is causing a lot problems. Lowering music pitch slightly allows vocalists to express the bel canto must easier without the need for vocal cord straining or warming up, which happens at higher tunings and allows a more grounded sense of feeling for those who resonate with A=432Hz. There is no debate, the laws of physics shows that increasing pitch raises the psi pressure tension on instruments and
Brian T Collins expressly states that everyone has a right to choose what reference of musical pitch is right for them alone. Brian T Collins does not endorse division or argument.

Differences should be celebrated rather than defamed or discredited.
Under this moral principle Brian T Collins asks you, the user of this site to sense into the body and intuitively feel what musical pitch feels right for you and for you alone.
Due to too many variables are at play on music pitch, intonations, harmonic values, different bone density etc. The sensation of tone is purely subjective and NO legitimate scientific study under the current material worldview method can determine that one musical concert pitch better than another. Absence of proof is not proof of absence.
Brian T Collins invites you to use your higher intuitive self and the incredible sensory system of your body to determine what feels right for you. Brian T Collins feels that sharing numbers and using left brained logic just serves to confuse you. Others will try to sway you with numbers and logic to stop you from experiencing tone first hand for yourself. The cells of your body do not care about numbers as proof of concept.  Experience tone yourself!

Brian T Collins feels this is an unbiased model in which you, and you alone, can empower yourself with what feels right for you. Brian T Collins is the only advocate promoting this. No other leading proponent of other tunings asks you to try them all and pick your own personal choice.

Many people pick A=432Hz for emotional healing, many people pick A=440Hz for entertainment and many people pick C=528Hz for alert states of mind. Brian T Collins chooses A=432Hz for its effectiveness for sound healing & meditation. The results are proof by individual experience.
If you are using information from this site to directly damage Brian T Collins or any third-party supporters of any other musical tuning, Brian T Collins reserves the right to pursue legal action against any violators of these terms and conditions.

Intent to damage Brian T Collins & his livelihood

Brian T Collins is a professional musician with vast experience and hands on knowledge of ancient sites and sound healing. He dedicated his entire life to the study of ancient standing stones, telluric earth currents and sound. His first personal introduction to 432 was in his home of Scotland in 1987 around an ancient site, which led him to the musical philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Maria Renold who talked previously talked about A=432Hz and C=128Hz. The numbers 864, 432, 216, 144, 108, 72 can be found in many ancient cultures. These numbers are deeply connected to sacred geometry and 864, 432, 216, 360 can be found within the Pythagorean 3 4 5 triangle. Brian T Collins also recognises base 9, 12 & 60 math incorporated into many ancient sites and that modern math uses base 10 decimal system. Arguing over numbers is pointless. Brian T Collins recognises that certain frequencies have interesting effects on the earths telluric currents and that frequency plays a larger role on the dimension of perception of the brain.
Brian T Collins does use other tunings also in accordance with earth grid harmonics. He will not share that information with the general public as it is the trade secret intellectual property of Brian T Collins.
Although he has trained experience as a jazz musician and producer, he dedicates his talents to create serene and sublime musical soundscapes which helps ten of thousands worldwide. Brian T Collins’s vision is to help people heal emotional issues with harmonic sound and meditation music. He has been called the real deal by clients, has a big loving heart, and he tries his best to not cause harm to anyone. There are no articles or publications penned by Brian T Collins attacking anyone in the history of his publications and he is a threat to no one.

However there are a few certain opposing waring third parties in particular who are hell-bent on destroying Brian T Collins at all costs, because Brian T Collins is empowering people to make their own choice of pitch.

Using any information on this site as a means to directly damage, defame, cause libel, slander, troll, bully, unfairly label and discredit Brian T Collins, his reputation, or his business, or musical livelihood will not be tolerated. These are illegal acts trespassing on the human rights of Brian T Collins.
The use of deliberate subterfuge by leading proponents of other tuning systems to create wilful internet deception to damage the credibility of Brian T Collins is immoral, unethical, narcissistic and illegal.
Brian T Collins has been deliberately targeted by these narcissists and their troll provocateurs for several years. The point of 432Hz tuning was to preserve historical instruments, nothing more. As more people started using 432Hz, it was noticed that many people were becoming empowered and there was something more to 432Hz tuning than just a standard to preserve historical instruments. Many people were healing emotionally and this was unacceptable to those who created a self-proclaimed niche to sell conspiracy products. The psy-op of the current pitch war between 432Hz 440Hz and 444Hz  was created by those who would benefit on a manufactured conspiracy to create an alleged musical revolution to raise concert pitch further and divide humanity into division.
Despite intent to damage his reputation & livelihood, Brian T Collins reserves the right not to engage with them. When Brian T Collins is attacked, ridiculed and defamed rather than the idea of an A=432Hz preservation pitch tried, tested and debated in a non confrontational way, it lends validation that those engaging in deliberate controversy are in a weak defensive position, giving validity to the experiences of Brian T Collins.

Brian T Collins is a professional musician/sound healer & independent researcher with no ties to any counter intelligence agenda, agency or de facto establishment institution. There is no central leader of the 432Hz movement, no one can claim that spot, nor does Brian T Collins lead a movement of any sorts. Brian T Collins only reports his experiences with 432Hz and how it can help others via the results experienced. As a professional musician, Brian T Collins can attest that their has been a lot of damage caused by the confusion and mixing of musical terms deliberately used by NON-MUSICIANS to create a counter conspiracy pseudo-tone scale movement contrary to the use of 432Hz preservation pitch.
People who are biased with agendas or axes to grind, will make up anything when they feel loss of control or threatened by someone else empowering others to make their own choice. Some people will tell a lie at all costs to maintain their self inflated egos.
These types of characters are not loving, or heart based, their frivolous words and actions speak to the nature of their character, they choose to destroy careers, families and reputations to maintain their lies. Many people pick 432Hz because they feel a difference in their individual experience and they are entitled to enjoy what’s right for them, rather than be bullied, coerced or threatened out of trying what’s right for them.
Musicians are also being bullied or threatened with loss of career for choosing A=432Hz, and there is a concerted effort by supporters of 440Hz & 444Hz to stop people from self empowering to make their own freewill choice. If A=440Hz and A=444Hz (C=528Hz) is being used by the de facto establishment, then there should be tolerance of those who choose A=432Hz as their choice as a preservation pitch of historical instruments. If there is not, then there is oppression and slavery.
Malicious lies and internet attacks against Brian T Collins made by one leading conspiracy proponent of another tuning, is only a panicked attempt to project their own distorted psyche attributes onto Brian T Collins to damage Brian T Collins, because Brian T Collins is seen as a threatening competitor who empowers people to make their own choice.
Brian T Collins does not engage in such behaviour. There are no publications with slander, defamation or libel against any other third-party person ever published in the history of any websites owned by Brian T Collins.
Brian T Collins is not in competition with anyone. He is a peaceful man who lives a holistic lifestyle mostly in nature, shares his gifts of creation & beauty with the world, and helps a lot of people. Brian T Collins is no saint, and is just a man with a big heart. Those who know him personally can attest to his kindness and loving nature, those who have crossed him knows he will not tolerate abuse. There is a higher spiritual court to which no man is immune.
Malicious antagonists who use deceptive actions to harm Brian T Collins will be met immediately with higher spiritual intervention in accordance with applicable universal moral laws of causality. Those engaging in such behaviour will receive the full repercussions of the spirit world and their ancestors bear witness to their dishonour and fall from grace. A full accounting upon the actions of such beings will be held accountable in the spiritual and temporal realms, circumstances now sorts them out.
No one can escape the universal laws of energy seeking balance.
Imbalanced people cause imbalanced actions to harm others, which causes further imbalance in themselves. Sickness, madness, mental illness and personality disorder certainly goes hand in hand with such imbalanced actions. In the end, divine energy will sort them out, in this life or another.
Brian T Collins also reserves the right to arbitration in an international jurisdiction of the choosing and discretion of Brian T Collins of  any third-party chooses to continue to damage his livelihood ongoing.

Peace be with you, and let’s all get along. There’s enough room on planet earth to celebrate our differences!
If you can’t get along, then move along, the earth will shake you off her!

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