432Hz Video

“Playing Love” perfromed by Brian T collins Music by Ennio Morricone from the movie Legend of 1900

The Spiral of Now

“The Cup” from the album “Spiral of Now”

“Earth” from the album “frequency of Light”

Playing on Board the “Island Princess” during a Hurricane








  1. I just “came across this site” and it “wiped me out” – your work is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! I will share this with as many as I am able. I have had some very interesting results in healing with sound frequencies (music) and my journey has really just begun. Look forward to staying in touch and assisting each other to make that major difference that we are all seeking in life through the beauty of our creator and being aligned with it!
    My heart swells with your music!
    Heather, Adelaide, South Australia.

    1. Thank you Heather for your lovely email.
      I can truly say that as a music professional and also an intuitive, there is a quality to 432Hz and it’s harmonic partials that is unlike any other alleged healing frequencies out there. I have found incredible connection to natural phenomenon and even a strong connection to ancient standing stones.
      I have measured and tested some of the cup-holes at the Avebury standing stone site in England and to to my surprise, some resonate at 432Hz, others produce ultra-low non-hertzian healing waves. Although hertz was not invented as a measuring system back almost 5000 years ago, the frequency was imitated from nature by the ancient stone builders. The exact method in how to tune a standing in sound resonance is a key factor of technique that is puzzling many mainstream scientists today.
      Many places of sacred geometry were also connected to certain natural healing frequencies So there is a direct connection to 432Hz as a healing medium.
      One health practitioner told me directly that they use 432Hz to conquer Lymes disease and even medical doctors use C=256Hz tuning forks to find fractures in bone. According to the de facto medical profession, human bone resonates around C=256hz. It it any wonder that the Philosopher Rudolf Steiner mentioned that humanity resonates a “C” note 128Hz and 256Hz and that 432Hz is the angelic Michael tone of the Sun.

      Thank you so much for enjoying my music and I will continue to make more as to touch the hearts and fuel the spirits of many. Blessings -Brian T collins

  2. I played, sang & wrote music professionally from the 70’s to 1990, and still play my piano and guitar often. I discovered that 432hz was indeed the natural vibration/tuning about a year ago, but until the “Federation of Light” website sent me a link to your web site here today, I was unable to find a way to tune the guitar to 432. Listening to all of your videos this morning, there is no doubt at all for me that this is deeply resonant to the spiritual self. I’ve tuned the guitar to 432, and next I will attempt to tune my grand piano to A-432 as well. I wish there were an electronic tuning device that is calibrated to A-432, and if you know of a web site where such a device can be purchased, please let me know. Thank you for this wonderful, educational and inspiring web site, which I will share with all of my music-loving, spiritually-seeking pals everywhere!

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