Hi There,
I’m Brian T Collins, one of the early pioneers of 432Hz music.
I’ve been promoting 432Hz as a pitch for music since the late 1980’s.  I am a celestial music composer and sound healer. My music has inspired and transformed the lives of many. With sound healing, many clients call me the Real Deal.
If you have come to this website seeking answers,  you may be confused by the current pitch war that has been deliberately created by people on the internet and perhaps you are seeking  consensus proof that 432Hz is better than any other frequency.
To understand your personal relationship to frequency and music, one must understand that life is a series of terminal moments of consciousness, meaning you cannot repeat the exact same experience in consciousness. Each moment of perceived time flows from our central subjective awareness of our own consciousness. (Can you imagine that?)
For example, I cannot experience anything outside of my own consciousness and you cannot experience anything outside of yours. You cannot know what it is like to be me, and vice versa. Our experiences are two different interpretations or points of view.

Conscious awareness
We each have our unique awareness, and all people should be able to express their freewill journey within. Consciousness constantly expresses itself through people’s unique perceptive awareness. 
Your brain can create structures in 11 dimensions, so each of us is experiencing a totally unique and different reality. Consensus reality is just an agreed upon belief system. Nothing more! 
 Based on the philosophy that we all experience awareness differently, I invite others to try what frequency feels right for them.
I experience life  quite differently than the standard reductionist worldview model born from the academic mindset, funded by the system.
I acknowledge creation as a wholistic set of intelligent attributes working in harmony to balance energy from one state to another. I recognize that consciousness is the key to how our reality unfolds and that arguing over descriptions of quanta or numbers is not the same as feeling, sensing and experiencing the quanta itself.

Science descriptions
You can argue descriptions of a thing all day long and still not experience the thing itself in the present moment, yet science will only allow the mechanistic descriptions as proof.  Perhaps this may be confusing, it difficult to describe non-linear concepts to a linear thinker. I am not against any frequency, nor will I be drawn into arguments or debates in the current pitch war that takes you away from trying hands on what feels right for you.
Tone is a hands on personal experience. It cannot be debated in a polar division as an absolute. It must be sensed and felt by consciously listening to the sensations it creates in your body.
Sound and the sensation of music is a purely subjective experience. Mainstream material science will not allow subjective experience as consensus fact. Science cannot prove or disprove the personal experience of musical pitch. Everyone experiences tone different due to bone density, left brained, right brained, nervous system sensitivity in the body etc.
It would be a titanic task to fund a legitimate mainstream funded study to prove a polar argument that one frequency or pitch is better than another, there are just too many free variables to consider and everyone is experiencing reality subjectively.
Mechanistic material means cannot catalog the unique sensations and emotional feelings that music creates in our own conscious awareness.

Consensus worldviews
To recap, consensus reality is only a doctrine of belief. However that consensus reality is upheld by an elitist worldview to control the human experience of existence.
If someone tries to sway you away from trying what feels right for you personally, they have an agenda.  People with agendas use consensus arguments to push their point of view on others.
One of the consensus belief systems used as ammunition is the use of numbers in ratio and harmony.  The division of “this” versus “that.”
There is math in music, but not all math is music. Some of the math arguments that one tone is better than the other, are arbitrary. Math and logic are deliberately used to dazzle people from experiencing feeling the hands on sensation of tone in realtime. Your cellular body does not care about numbers, and your body is the greatest sensing tool you can use. Try the sensations of tone each one for yourself for yourself. Feel into the body mind consciousness and confidently pick what feels right.
There is no right or wrong choice, it’s yours to make.
You have a freewill choice to use what feels right for you. However if you are persecuted for choosing one frequency over another there is a problem of subjugation.

My own Journey into 432Hz
My experience of 432 came about from an event that happened to me at a series of standing stones in my native land in Scotland in 1987. A year later I was slowing down rush albums at a friends and digging the low end ease that it provided. My bass playing Geddy Lee licks sounded great! Although much later, I started using it in music recording. I was a late bloomer to the internet. (I still don’t wear a watch) I did not own a computer until after the early 2000’s. This website has been through many changes since I first created it back in 2008. It was named Omega432 as respect to the principals of Divine Feminine which has been missing on earth for sometime under the patriarchal establishment. I have  studied ancient skywatcher megalithic cultures and I find comfort in a return of their divine principals of divine feminine compassion and community. This view is not new age, but more aligned with my spiritual ancestors.

New Age 432Hz Claims

Most of the new age claims about 432Hz came from Ananda Bosman, another early proponent of 432Hz who was one of the first to publish his new age points of view on 432Hz on the internet in the early 2000’s.
The infamous Nazi conspiracy seems to be cooked up by the European 432 movement.
The Current Pitch War Deception
Over the years my articles and intellectual property has been taken, scattered across the internet and used by others to create disinformation and division. Mainstream interviews and publications have been edited to distort my original message and I speak here to set my personal views and opinion right.
In my personal opinion and experience over the years as a professional musician and sound healer, I have found that 432Hz music has been very effective in helping many people release stress and emotional trauma. I don’t care about numbers, I care about results!
I still stand by my experience, that pushing concert pitch higher and higher may cause vocal strain and may warp or damage instruments over time due to increased pressure tension. That was my original premise way back 30 years ago and I still value that opinion.

Please also note that I am not affiliated with anyone in the 432Hz movement currently engaging in a deliberate pitch war between proponents of A=432Hz, A=440Hz or A=444Hz (C528Hz), nor am I affiliated with any esoteric/occult/religious/scientific society or new age movement that holds any numbers dear to their own belief system.
Today the internet conspiracy theories about pitch are laughable. The use of math and logic to confuse people from away from experiencing any alternate tuning is deceptive and immoral.
From my own understanding equal temperament music is a closed system, and natural ratio of tone wants to spiral,  To invent a system of musical entertainment,  the tone spiral was squeezed into an engineered circle of fifths of equal tempered harmony in order to play through 12 keys, for entertainment.
There is no conspiracy about the system of current musical tuning. My understanding was they needed a system that would not rattle the stained glass windows of the day, so they came up with tempered tunings. I consider equal temperament to be an excellent well thought out system of tuning for entertainment purposes and transmitting messages as a utility.
I do believe from studying ancient and indigenous cultures, that drone notes with a multitude of harmonics spread over multiple open fifth tunings can have a deeper sensation of tone than any closed music system, regardless of pitch.
I also find in recent years that many choose to believe in wild claims to support radical views of conspiracy. There are many inconsistencies in such claims for the use of 432Hz or it’s counterparts.
I am not popular by the same usual suspects who like to keep the A=432Hz, A=440Hz, A=444Hz(C528Hz) arguments circulating in eternal conflict. Nor do I subscribe to new age indoctrinations of belief.
Many people like the use of the pitch 432Hz for their freewill choice of music regardless of arguments from establishment supporters or polemic trolls who dazzle and confuse people to disprove the use of it. If a group of people rally to bully, troll or deflect you from trying frequency first hand, they are engaging in counter intelligence.
Frequencies are unbiased, People are not!
The current argument between three camps of  musical pitch was created to distract you and drain your energy to stop you from trying what feels right for you. -Use your body as your sensory proof, not your mind!

Don’t force it
Once the ego get’s involved, no amount of experience or proof of a thing will suffice for a biased or imbalanced ego.
Use the heart! 
What’s up with 432?
If you are open minded and do pick it, you may find a new journey of sensation and experience.
In closing
On this website you will find personal reporting of my experience and spiritual journey into 432Hz in music, sound healing and the number 432 and the frequency 432. This blog is about my journey through life experiencing 432. I have my journey, you have yours. If you try 432Hz for music and if you like it, or find it pleasing, you just proved it to yourself. If not, that’s fine too, there’s enough room on planet earth to celebrate our differences and uniqueness together! 🙂
Bless you all and go in peace -Brian T Collins
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