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  • Dear Brian,  I must first thank you for the beautiful song you produced for my mother with Quantum Musicology.  This song and her mandala deeply touched her and brought she and I together on a deeper level this Christmas.  THANK YOU” -Bridget
  • Bobby writes: This music is well worth the money. There is something special about music mastered in 432Hz and Brian certainly knows what he’s doing. One of the first times I listened to his music it induced a state of ecstasy like no other. I was literally dumfounded in awe!!! -Bobby Burke
  • Christian writes: Thanks for your selfless devotion. thanks sooooooo much.. i discovered 432 thanks to you. know that you’ve changed my life, probably so so so many others as well as equally grateful for you. thanks for doing what is integral and striving for harmony, God knows we need it. thanks for providing us with the tools to create this harmony for us musicians -Christian Suarez
  • J.U. writes: I occasionally have show-stopping migraines that render me useless for the remainder of the day. Well, I had one last night and I was blown away by what happened when I listened to your music as the pain was beginning to set in. After about 15 minutes of simply enjoying the sounds I was hearing, the throbbing pain faded into the background and I slept very peacefully last night. I’ve tried many things and nothing else has been able to ease the pain during these episodes. Thank you, Brian -J.U.
  • Karen writes: I turned out the lights to listen to this, only the fire was lit….oh my, absolutely heart thumping and breathtaking. Love it. xxx Karen Young
  • Tony writes: Hello, I am a musician who lives in Yorkshire.Last night my guitarist told me about 432 hz. He works with autistic kids making music and one of them was talking about music always being out of phase and sounding wrong and then mentioned the ‘true’ concert pitch.OH MY GOD.We had one of the best rehearsals we have ever had, it was sweeter, more relaxing, chewier somehow. For years I have felt something was not ok. I’m not saying I’ve got ‘perfect pitch’ or autistic for that matter, I’ve often simply felt things sound weird when other people may not and I am often dissatisfied.We now need guitar tuners that allow us to vary the pitch to 432Hz. Best resonating wishes -Tony Lambert, Harrogate, England
  • Larissa writes: Sharing information about music played at the Concert Pitch A=432Hz is something I care for because I can feel the difference, and the love in it, just by listening. Somehow, it resonates with my heart. I also noticed how my plants grow better and my cats get quieter! Especially your music Brian, seems to re-tune me when I’m out of balance, while its melody cuddles my soul… It’s actually helping me to reconnect to my higher self and find peace. I think that I feel the music in a special way… I only play a little guitar, and my daughter plays the harp, both tuned in A/La=432Hz… And I love to sing along songs. I really appreciate your work!! Thank You!! Harmonic vibes from Switzerland! -Larissa Cantoni
  • Mihayah writes: Namaste and Hello Thank you for sharing ur gift of music ! it speaks to my soul happy new year ! Mihayah Arcturus
  • Elena writes: I’m so glad to hear from you and also from Coreen and to know that other people in Greece are interested at 432 I really believe in the healing power of sound and music and i experiment… thank you so much for your response and your help…! wish you love and light -elena
  • Hi, Brian! I want to tell you that I saw your web site www.briantcollins.com, www.brian9.bandcamp.com and listened to your music of the first album “Frequency of Light” and some music of your other two albums, – “Spiral of Now” and “Awakenings” I really liked your music!!! When I listened to your music, I felt a different feeling: sometimes I cried, sometimes I forgot about everything and relaxed, and some tunes, made me think about many things in this life .. You’re an amazing person!
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