Hi There, and welcome to my website blog.
I’m Brian T Collins, an early pioneer of 432Hz music.
I am an ambient music composer, I help people with my intuitive gifts and I created a new type of sound service called the Harmonic Sound Experience. My celestial music & unique sound sessions are inspiring and transforming many.

If you have come to this website seeking answers about 432Hz,  you may be confused by the current music frequency pitch war that was created by people on the internet and perhaps you are seeking consensus proof that 432Hz is better than any other frequency.  The current pitch war is raging between conflicted people, who believe their frequency is better than another. Some actually deliberately create disinformation to create disharmony to support their cause. Unfortunately this happens in all three major camps of tuning, namely A=432Hz, A=440Hz & A=444Hz, and it leaves the general public confused, rather that trying a pitch test and picking what feels right for them.


The original 432Hz movement intent
Did you know the original intent of 432Hz was not to attempt to prove that one frequency is superior than another? In the 1980’s professional musicians, opera singers and composers were calling for a lowering of concert pitch to preserve the bel canto transition of the human voice and conserve historical instruments that can be damaged at higher tunings due to their delicate construction.  Testing on historical instruments made with organic glues and complex lacquers concluded that they cannot withstand long term conservation under the pressure tension that higher tunings demand. The original 432Hz preservation movement was NOT calling for a replacement of higher tunings, nor was it founded on conspiracy as others claim.  Instead, the original intent was to seek a standard that can preserve our delicate historical instruments and sustain a rich musical past of instruments that should not be ripped to shreds for wanting to meet the demand of brighter tunings under increased tension.
The 432Hz press campaign was mostly through the Schiller institute in the 1990’s.

A=432Hz was not intended to replace A=440Hz or any other tuning pitch. It was to establish only that higher tunings can be damaging to delicate wooden historical instruments over time due to increased string pressure tension and there should be a preservation standard that would allow for ancient instruments to be preserved in A=432Hz, which would still be close enough to de facto A=440Hz standard for a mixture of newer synthetic instruments & ancient instruments. Although we can go a little lower in concert ‘A’ pitch,  A=432Hz sits on the warm cusp of tonal sensation that will still allow enough brightness to satisfy the intellectual ego whilst preserving both instrument and vocalist in a natural bel canto transition!
Since the laws of physics dictate that tuning higher in pitch increases string tension pressure on delicate historical instruments, proponents of higher tunings like A=440Hz or A=444Hz have no legitimate argument against using A=432Hz as a preservation standard pitch.
Does this make sense? If we have historical instruments under threat of damage from increased tension, we should have a preservation pitch that seeks to save our history instead of destroy it for catering to the intellectual ego of higher tuning. 


It’s all about your own experience and perception of awareness
To understand your own personal relationship to frequency and music as an individual, one must understand that life is a series of terminal moments of consciousness, meaning you cannot repeat the exact same experience in consciousness. Each moment of perceived time flows from our central subjective awareness of our own consciousness. (Can you imagine that?)
For example, I cannot experience anything outside of my own consciousness and you cannot experience anything outside of yours. You cannot know what it is like to be me, and vice versa. Our experiences are two different perceptive interpretations or points of view.
Conscious awareness
We each have our unique awareness, and all people should be able to express their freewill journey within. Consciousness constantly expresses itself through people’s unique perceptive awareness. 
Your brain can create structures in 11 dimensions, so each of us is experiencing a totally unique and different reality. Consensus reality is just an agreed upon belief system. Nothing more! 
 Based on the philosophy that we all experience awareness differently, I invite others to try what frequency feels right for them.
I experience life  quite differently than the standard reductionist worldview model born from the academic mindset, funded by the system.
I acknowledge creation as a holistic set of intelligent sub quantum attributes working in harmony to balance energy from one state to another. I recognize that consciousness is the key to how our reality unfolds and that arguing over descriptions of quanta or numbers is not the same as feeling, sensing and experiencing the quanta itself.
(Spend as much time as you need to grasp this concept.)

Science descriptions
You can argue science descriptions of a thing all day long and still not experience the thing itself in the present moment, yet science will only allow the mechanistic descriptions as proof of a thing.  Perhaps this may be confusing, it’s difficult to describe non-linear concepts in linear context. 
Tone is a hands on personal experience. It cannot be debated into a polar division as an absolute. It must be sensed and felt by consciously listening to the sensations it creates in the body.
Sound and the sensation of music is a purely subjective experience. Mainstream material science will not allow subjective experience as consensus fact. Science cannot prove or disprove the personal experience of musical pitch. Everyone experiences tone different due to bone density, left brained, right-brained, nervous system sensitivity in the body etc.
It would be a titanic task to fund a legitimate mainstream funded study to prove a polar argument that one frequency or pitch is better than another, there are just too many free variables to consider and everyone is experiencing reality subjectively.
Mechanistic material means cannot catalog the unique sensations and emotional feelings that music creates in our own conscious awareness.

Consensus worldviews
To recap, consensus reality is only a doctrine of belief. However that consensus reality is upheld by an elitist worldview to control the human experience of existence.
If someone tries to sway you away from trying what feels right for you personally, they have an agenda.  People with agendas use consensus arguments to push their point of view on others.
One of the consensus belief systems used as ammunition is the use of numbers in ratio and harmony.  The division of “this” versus “that.”


My own Journey into 432Hz
My experience of 432 came about from an event that happened to me at a series of standing stones in my native land in Scotland in 1987. A year later I was slowing down Rush albums with my friend Claudio and digging the low end ease that it provided. My  Geddy Lee bass licks sounded great! Although much later, I started using it in music recording. I was a late bloomer to the internet. (I still don’t wear a watch) I did not own a computer until after the early 2000’s. This website has been through many changes since I first created it back in mid 2000’s. I even lost control of it for a number of years and managed to get it back. 


432 for healing In my personal experience over the years as a professional musician and authentic sound healer, I have found that 432Hz music has been very effective in helping many people release stress and emotional trauma. I also use other frequencies than just 432Hz so please do not conclude that I suggest 432Hz is the only healing frequency. I personally don’t care about numbers, I care about results and I get them sucessfully! According to studies, low tones help with the body, mid tones are good for focus and higher tones stimulate the alert fight or flight centres of the brain. Depending on the situation I use different tones to assist others. Many people puck 432Hz because it helps them get into a meditative state easily. There is enough feedback that those who pick 432Hz as their choice experience an awakening of senses.

No Leader of the 432Hz movement
There is no single leader of the 432Hz movement. Although there are long term promoters of 432Hz like Ananda Bosman and myself, no one can claim to be ‘the leader’ or originator of 432Hz. The original concept of a preservation tuning was debated long before the 432Hz movement was infiltrated on the internet by those who turned it into a conspiracy fiasco with controlled opposition.
I have seen my very own words distorted and twisted by others, taken out of context and taken by others as a means to attack myself and other people supporting other tunings, whilst those words then used by others as an excuse to attack me.
I do not collaborate with anyone who causes division. I am steadfast in my vision that the idea of A=432Hz pitch should be considered as a preservation tuning for antique/historical instruments. The laws of physics dictate that increasing pitch also increases pressure tension on instruments that were designed for lower tunings due to the nature of natural music before the invention of synthetic instruments. We should not be destroying our culture for the sake of meeting pseudo claims made by non musician proponents of higher tunings. Today concert pitch keeps being raised to meet the brightness sensation that caters to the intellectual ego and the debate to lower tuning for preservation was alive even in the 19th century.
New Age 432Hz Claims
There are a lot of confusing websites making broad claims about 432Hz. An internet search shows that many of the new age claims about 432Hz originate from Ananda Bosman, another early proponent of 432Hz who was one of the first to publish his points of view on 432Hz on the internet in the early 2000’s.
Did I copy the name Omega432 from Ananda Bosman?
There is one proponent called Bo Constantinsen claiming on his website that I copied Ananda Bosman and he even wrote a speculative timeline about 432Hz drawing conclusions about me without ever once reaching out to interview or contacting me to ask my personal history into the number 432 and the frequency 432Hz.
I did not copy the name Omega432 from Ananda Bosman. I learned about Mr. Bosman through an Italian singer named Flavia Vagella who contacted me through this website after it was established.
At the time I created Omega432, I was studying a lot of metaphysics (since moved on) and I named it Omega432 as respect to the principles of Divine Feminine which has been missing on earth for sometime under the patriarchal establishment.
I have studied ancient – megalithic cultures and I find comfort in a return of their divine principles of divine feminine compassion and community.
Am I new age?
No, my worldview, beliefs and gifts are NOT new age, but more aligned with following in the footsteps of my spiritual ancestors.
Only a few close minded people, label me as a new ager. They do not understand, I do not let what I do define me!
My music was labelled as “new age” by the publishing company who holds my music in that category due to the limitation on niches under publishing deals, however I am not a new ager. I do not let one niche of music I create define me. I also produce music and soundtracks for clients in many different styles and niches.
I was drawn to study ancient systems and follow a natural path of knowledge in honour of my ancient Scots/Irish holly druid ancestors. I ponder on my existence and wonder in the synchronicities I experience when I am in coherence with nature and I gain new understandings of my part in the universe whilst helping others.  Consider me Ancient Ages!
What about 432 in the ancient past?
Yes there is enough evidence the number 432 was noted important by many ancient cultures, that can’t be debated the evidence is there if you dig. I have personally found it in Celtic and Roman culture, also in eastern philosophy and even in the jungles of Indonesia and Mexico. We must not forget we are talking about numbers and NOT hertzian frequencies. Other earlier cultures used base 9, 12 and 60 numbers and those ancient cultures showed signs of using the number 108, 216, 432 864. I have personally found a few cup stone holes at ancient megalithic sites droning 432Hz as wind blows over them, I am sure this was more instinct on the part of the builders and not a sign of a musical standard.  Although there was no concert tuning standard in the ancient past, musical instruments were tuned and set around the natural range of human voice. That range has a specific coherence with the resonant oscillation of the biosphere in which all life exists, namely 2nHz – 4.9nHz. I was fascinated by sound in ancient spaces in my youth and I was the first person to experiment with the 432Hz frequency and telluric currents at ancient standing stones so long ago. The results will be out in my book which will be launched after 2020.
As for 432Hz frequency or any alleged ‘lost’ frequency series being a standard in the ancient past? Let me clear up the confusion and state that ALL pitch standards are a recent musical history invention. The invention of hertz per second is also a recent invention so is the ability to accurately measure sound waves and cymatics.
However there seems to be a range of what older gut stringed instruments would sit based on archived studies on ancient instrument pressure tests which did show accurate pressure tension calculations on gut strings and gauges which could be calculated into the optimum range for older instruments made from organic glues and gut strings. A=432Hz as a preservation pitch for instruments, is chosen as a middle ground on what could be a potential tuning pitch that could satisfy the use of ancient instruments in modern symphonic settings.
432Hz bridges old and new!
Pseudo math derision as proof
There is math in music, but not all math is music.  The math arguments used by third parties to confuse people on the internet that one tone is better than the other, are arbitrary. Pseudo-Gematic math derision, circular logic and magic square number reduction are used as  tools to dazzle people from experiencing feeling the hands on sensation of tone in realtime. Your cellular body does not care about numbers, and your body is the greatest sensing tool you can use. Try the sensations of tone each one for yourself for yourself. Feel into the body mind consciousness and confidently pick what feels right.

There is no right or wrong choice, it’s yours to make.
You have a freewill choice to use what feels right for you.


Human nature and the distortion of belief
Despite living in a complex and wonderful creation, people believe what they want to believe. Some people feed and create fear and controversy to maintain beliefs. I personally see division, argument and hatred everywhere and it sickens me.  Human perception is distorted through the veils of belief and study shows that by the time a ‘word of mouth’ piece of information travels, it is lost in translation by the 100th person. I believe by the time it hit the internet, the original intent for 432Hz as a preservation tuning became distorted by those who would seek advantage to leverage it as a conspiracy to sell their own agendas.  There is no regulation on the internet and I have witnessed my own intellectual property taken from this website and altered to suit the agendas of others to create a deliberate musical pitch war of division, and I get trolled and attacked by 528Hz radicals as a result. I will add a new section busting some of these laughable sound myths personally, so 432Hz can get back on track as a legitimate consideration for a preservation tuning.
Does this mean that all music should be tuned to 432Hz?
No, not at all. There’s nothing truly wrong with concert pitch A=440Hz or even A=444Hz  as a entertainment delivery system of closed fifths. Modern instruments can take the pressure of those higher tunings just fine.  Higher pitch is only an issue with historical instruments and vocalists who strain their vocal cords at higher tunings. This is why there should not be an argument between the three tunings of A=432Hz A=440Hz and A=444Hz because 432Hz seek to preserve these instruments and the vocal bel canto experience.
The temperament or space between the notes has a drastic change on how we perceive tone and I will cover that later. As we close the tone spiral into an artificial circle of sound to create a circle of perfect fifths tuned at equal temperament, we ‘phase lock’ it. Meaning pitch becomes irrelevant since it’s a closed circle of perfect fifths …more on that later.
Current mis-information
Today the internet conspiracy theories about pitch are laughable.
The use of pseudo math derision or reduction and circular logic to confuse people from away from experiencing alternate tuning is deceptive and immoral.
From my own understanding, experience and professional music training, equal temperament music is a closed system of perfect 5ths, and natural ratio of tone wants to spiral, therefor you never arrive naturally back at the same tonic note. This natural overlap is called the pythagorean comma. Although this was effective to create resonance drone note for healing,  to invent a system of musical entertainment,  the tone spiral was squeezed into an engineered circle of ‘perfect’ fifths of equal tempered harmony in order to play through 12 keys, for entertainment. Any ‘circle’ of sound is an engineered matrix, regardless of pitch!
There is no conspiracy about the system of current musical tuning.
Another deception was the 440Hz Nazi conspiracy. The infamous 440Hz Nazi conspiracy seems to first appear by the European 432 movement, namely the Italians. It was then picked up by conspiracy promoters to create further division so they could sell their products under the conspiracy niche. This is utter mis-information and 440Hz was in use long before the Nazis came to power in Germany.
My understanding was they needed a system that would not rattle the stained glass windows of the day, and they need to settle a compromise between the geometric, mathematic and overtone series, so equal temperament was created. I consider equal temperament to be an excellent well thought out system of tuning for entertainment purposes and transmitting messages as a utility. Although after hours and days in a studio recording or playing bigger concert venues gigs, I used to suffer terribly from migraines. That stopped when I started playing and recording in A=432Hz. I have never suffered a headache again under 432Hz music. Although that is my personal journey, unique to me.
The Music industry was always in business of using music as a means to sell products. The industry was born as a service, music is a modern transmitting utility to entertain and sell things, nothing more. An excellent podcast expose on the manufacturing of the music industry and esoteric origins is from a British musicologist HERE.
I do believe from personally studying ancient and indigenous cultures over a lifetime, that drone notes with a multitude of harmonics spread over multiple open fifth tunings can have a deeper sensation of tone for emotional healing than any closed music system, regardless of pitch setting. I see the results of that everyday in my sound healing sessions.
I also find in recent years that many choose to believe in wild claims to support radical views of conspiracy. There are many inconsistencies in such claims.
Don’t force it
Once the ego get’s involved, no amount of experience or proof of a thing will suffice for a biased or imbalanced ego.
Use the heart! 
Need more number info on 432Hz?
If you are open-minded and do pick it, you may find a new journey of sensation and experience. An excellent website covering the 432Hz sensation of tone, number and musical tuning is Roel Hollanders website CLICK HERE
Contents of this website
On this website blog you will find personal reporting of my experience and spiritual journey into music, sound healing, the number 432 and the frequency 432Hz. This blog is about my journey through life experiencing both 432 and 432Hz.
I have my journey, you have yours. If you try 432Hz for music or healing and if you like it, or find it pleasing, you just proved it to yourself. If not, that’s fine too, there’s enough room on planet earth to celebrate our differences and uniqueness together! 🙂
Healing with 432Hz
Lastly if you are interested in emotional healing with 432Hz, I pioneered a new type of service that can stream high definition sound sessions right to your computer or mobile device. This has helped many who have not gotten results elsewhere. You can transform from the comfort of your own home HERE.
For more info on sound healing with 432Hz please sign up for our newsletter and offers…

Bless you all and go in peace -Brian T Collins

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