The original 432Hz movement intent
Did you know the original intent of 432Hz was not to attempt to prove that one frequency is superior than another? In the late 1980’s (1987) professional musicians, opera singers and composers were calling for a lowering of concert pitch to preserve the bel canto transition of the human voice and conserve historical instruments that can be damaged at higher tunings due to their delicate construction.  Testing on historical instruments made with organic glues and complex lacquers concluded that they cannot withstand long-term conservation under the pressure tension that higher tunings demand. The original 432Hz preservation movement was NOT calling for a replacement of higher tunings, nor was it founded on nazi conspiracy as others claim. Instead, the original intent was to seek a standard that can preserve our delicate historical instruments and sustain a rich musical past of instruments that should not be ripped to shreds for wanting to meet the demand of brighter tunings under increased tension.
The 432Hz press campaign was mostly through the Schiller institute in the 1990’s.
A=432Hz was not intended to replace A=440Hz or any other tuning pitch. It was to establish only that higher tunings can be damaging to delicate wooden historical instruments over time due to increased string pressure tension and there should be a preservation standard that would allow for ancient instruments to be preserved in A=432Hz, which would still be close enough to de facto A=440Hz standard for a mixture of newer synthetic instruments & ancient instruments.

Although we can go a little lower in concert ‘A’ pitch,  A=432Hz sits on the warm cusp of tonal sensation that will still allow enough brightness to satisfy the intellectual ego whilst preserving both instrument and vocalist in a natural bel canto transition!

Does this make sense? If we have historical instruments under threat of damage from increased tension, we should have a preservation pitch that seeks to save our history instead of destroy it for catering to the intellectual ego of higher tuning.


It’s all about your own experience and perception of awareness
To understand your own personal relationship to frequency and music as an individual, one must understand that life is a series of terminal moments of consciousness, meaning you cannot repeat the exact same experience in consciousness. Each moment of perceived time flows from our central subjective awareness of our own consciousness. (Can you imagine that?)
For example, I cannot experience anything outside of my own consciousness and you cannot experience anything outside of yours. You cannot know what it is like to be me, and vice versa. Our experiences are two different perceptive interpretations or points of view.

Tone is a hands on personal subjective experience. It cannot be debated into a polar division of one frequency better than another as an absolute. It must be sensed and felt by consciously listening to the sensations it creates in the body.

Sound and the sensation of music is a purely subjective listening experience.



In recent years, I have witnessed people getting very upset over the frequency debate of one frequency versus another frequency…
Many people do not have the background or life experience to study harmonic ratio and I want to address this issue since I have been maliciously targeted, my reputation tarnished by fearful beings who troll and defamed me because they choose to compete against truth…
Tuning pitch has been all over the map since it’s invention A=396Hz-A=465Hz. (a)
Standard tunings are a recent invention in history. The jump up in pitches in the last few hundred years has more to do with the pursuit of bright tone for virtuoso ego patroned by the European enlightenment. 
In terms of music, everyone senses the sensation of tone different and there is no one pitch standard better or superior than another as other tuning proponents claim. (b)
Claims of frequency superiority exclusively resides in the ego of the individual claiming it. Promoting to the public that people have a right to choose frequency for themselves empowers the individual, and allows participation rather than separation. This is my approach. I invite people to try what feels right for them.
What is the defacto entertainment standard?
Modern standard music pitch is based from concert A=440Hz twelve tone equal tempered system of tone known as the perfect circle of 5ths.(c)
This was done in order to create an entertainment system of tone that can be used as a transmitting medium for emotional sensation and message. To use an analogy visual of the engineered system of equal temperament, try to visualise witnessing a shotgun wedding between three kissing cousins, one the harmonic overtone/undertone system (spirit), two, the electromagnetic geometric shape of sound (mind), and three,  the mathematic scalar point (consciousness) defining spacetime reality over distance.
To have a sound event occur in space and time, it must be defined as first a scalar as a point and then a vector as a time value or pitch. This pitch is measured in the current time system based on a 360 degree circle. I will cover the use of straight line geometry in my book due 2020.  
To create this unholy wedding between three fighting siblings, they had to bash the natural spiral movement of sound and close the system in order  to solve a complex problem, namely, how natural tone wants to spiral past and overlap the octave. This is called the pythagorean comma. (d)
 To solve it, they squeezed the interval of the fifth to engineer the series of scales into a closed circle so you arrive back at the tonic 1 octave higher.
Thus the perfect circle of fifths matrix of music was created! You get basic seven 4 part chords giving you most of the music combinations you hear today. Circle tunings are closed systems, not natural, artificial and as an engineered matrix the harmonic range for healing is limited!
It’s a closed circle matrix and it’s a damn good distraction as an entertainment frequency, despite it’s limited matrix of harmonics and that the thirds are slightly sharp and the fifth is squeezed.
Thus the dysfunctional family of tones under the entertainment house of equal tempered harmony was born, giving humanity just enough dullness in sensation of tone to cause slow entropy in the collective mental state of the species in the last few hundred years. The 20th century was a mess and it’s getting worse!
I suppose that the use of ET as a limited and closed system of harmonics, does not provide enough electromagnetic stimulation into bone conduction, thus dulling the senses of humanity, so to compensate the collective psyche has been attempting to lock onto higher tunings to feel brighter and more alive akin to a manic depressive who has to self abuse in order to feel something. (e) I believe entropy of harmonics cause entropy in the body.
I propose as I did with others last time, that this be turned into a study. As a species we have gone from empathy to sympathy then to apathy and now we are facing total entropy as a species.
Although the subject is not taught readily in detailed depth under the de facto curriculum of university or college, there can be interesting possibilities for sound healing if you open up the fifth. It must be experienced! new discoveries are being made despite the outcry of 432 naysayers!
Drone notes with an open fifth tuning, opens up the tone spiral of harmonics and allows the listener to experience harmonics like they would have been experienced long before the invention of the closed circle of equal temperament that fuels the music entertainment industry today. That is purely a personal and subjective experience.
To use a metaphysic metaphor, it may open up new sensations of tone in perception as it stimulates through new regions of the brain.”

Deliberate mis-information to sway you away from using 432Hz

In terms of the pitch war that was created on the internet by trollers, dis-info agents & conspiracy drama merchants saying their frequency is superior, let me clear up the confusion they create by sharing that the natural earth resonance oscillates in the 2nHz-4.9nHz window, (not just the Schumann atmosphere cavity resonance 7.83Hz) meaning all these tones such as 427Hz, 432Hz, 440Hz, 444Hz are all natural and within the range of harmonics produced within our planet and cavity of our atmosphere! So it’s all just a matter of personal preference.

I invite you to pick what feel right for you, not just the frequencies mentioned. Your body can sense what feels right if you allow your body to feel, heal & sense rather than fall into the mind. The addition of stimulants, big pharma drugs & vaccinations, Illegal & legal drugs like coffee, ciggarettes alcohol, all serve to make you numb to sensing the body subtle energy fields. The more healthy you are, the more sensitive you become to unpleasing sounds or tones that are dissonant noise. (f)
There is a function in the body that is individual to each person called Homeostasis. (g)
Everyone has a different sensory response level of resistance to stimulus based on their own internal temperature and iron levels. This may explain why some people can feel a sensitive difference in emotional sensation and others can’t becuse they have a different homeostasis resistance state. Also factors such as differenet bone density, even being left and right handed changes how we hear tone. So truly NO ONE PITCH ALONE IS SUPERIOR.
It’s all subjective to the listener, which is why I promote the right to choose for yourself.
I don’t attack people as I have been attacked trolled and defamed over the years by the leading proponents of the 528 tuning. When you name call and rally others against you rather than debate the idea, you loose all credibility!
For most we are trained that school is always right, however demanding academic science as polemic proof of a thing is also a consensus illusion. (h)
To quote John S. Reid inventor of the cymascope:
“At a cymatic level, any sound that is beautiful, also creates a beautiful pattern, meaning it’s symetrical. It’s important that we immerse outselves in beautiful hamonius soundscapes and avoid those that are not harmonius. Sounds that are too loud, or sounds that are distorted in some way, not harmonically balanced, those kind of sounds when they impinge on your body and they create a cymatic pattern on your cellular membranes, the patterns that will be created will be skewed and distorted cymatic patterns. Now we don’t know what effect those skewed and distorted pattern have on the cells.
I would like to suggest that is its not good.” (i)
432Hz image_Cymascope Omega432 Brian T CollinsSo good harmonics that are related to each other in consonant harmony will create geometric symmetry.
The closer the harmonic relations are to sounding pure and beautiful (consonance) the simpler the geometry in the cymatic.
The farther away from harmony and the cymatic appears irregular or uneven.
It is true that you can mix many harmonics together and even have an obscure harmonic relationship as a distant partial to the tunings in question, but as John suggests, the harmonics that are the closest in simple relationship makes the harmony sound pleasant and makes the cymatic with symmetry.
Years ago I asked john to image the 432Hz  that you see used all over the internet today. This image shows the simple geometric harmonic shape of 432. The shape of the 432 cymatic image shows the trinity of sound.
There is harmonic math in all music, but not all math makes musical harmony sound pleasing to the ear.  
Lastly, the original 432Hz movement (which I used to support) was to preserve historical instruments that can’t survive long term under the increase of pressure tension on a delicate hand made historical instrument caused by higher tunings.
It was not intended to replace A440Hz or A444Hz, just set a preservation standard of A432Hz for bel canto voice and historical instruments, it was not a conspiracy.
A432Hz in recent years has been funnelled into an internet conspiracy against A440Hz & A444Hz and turned into a smear campaign, each side claiming their frequency is better than the other. (I had a lot of abuse from all of them)
It’s a fact that tone is subjective and we all hear tone different so you must choose what feels right for you, rather than be swayed by de facto academic propaganda or pseudo-music/math reduction.
My own metaphysical journey into 432Hz over the years is personal and subjective.
Many mysteries have been revealed to me that makes sense to me alone in my spiritual and personal development, some people I have shared with have had profound healing and awakenings based on my personal findings. Your intent is more important than the frequency used!
It has taught me to not choose sides and that all truths are but half truths of interpretation. (j) and consensus description.
I would not have discovered so much about myself if I did not look much much farther than academic university education.
The slander of me by proponents of the 528 tuning:
You can make just about any frequency a personal or metaphysical/mystic/psuedo-religious/esoteric interpretation of what feels right to your own core belief system, but that does not make it a fact for others to follow blindly.  So to say that one frequency is superior and name call and rally others against me because I choose different proven healing frequencies and for me selflessly inviting people choose what feels right for them, is only the subconscious fear rising in the inflated ego of the mind engaging in that bias, and a public statement to the world who can critically think, that the name caller is engaging in slander because they have lost the debate and all credibility therefor must attack the character of the man.
I have debated the misuse of musical terms by those who are not professional musicians, but I have never in the history of my online publications ever slandered anyone personally the way I have been slandered by the two leaders of the 528 tuning, and I find it repulsive!
Here is a quote from Wiki bout name calling:
“Name calling is a cognitive bias and a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to incite fears or arouse positive prejudices with the intent that invoked fear (based on fear mongering tactics) or trust will encourage those that read, see or hear propaganda to construct a negative opinion, in respect to the former, or a positive opinion, with respect to the latter, about a person, group, or set of beliefs or ideas that the propagandist would wish the recipients to believe. The method is intended to provoke conclusions and actions about a matter apart from an impartial examinations of the facts of the matter. When this tactic is used instead of an argument, name-calling is thus a substitute for rational, fact-based arguments against an idea or belief, based upon its own merits, and becomes an argumentum ad hominem.”
Again when there is no foundation for winning an argument, people use this propaganda method to sway others away from the other side.

I am not in competition with anyone else.

I did not create a 432Hz empire for profit as the leader of 528 does.
I write 432Hz music that others call beautiful, and I use different tones for sound healing and my techniques are second to none. I use others tunings too and I am personally not opposed to 440Hz or 444Hz, however as I have 38 years experience in music, I know ratio, theory and I know when something is not musical or unpleasing to my senses! When I was a child I was in a car accident and it left me very sensitive to frequency, I dedicated my life to the study of ancient megalithic sites and sound.
I left the music industry largely in 2009 because long exposure would give me severe migraines after gigs. Playing in 432Hz solved that for me. I had an awakening one night playing in 432Hz after the gig, so I left a career in music to pursue a more natural based life and learn more how sound can heal. I am not a saint, I sometimes make mistakes, but I live to the best I can being selfless. I live a holistic life free from big pharma medications and I try to grow my own food when I can.
I live in nature mostly and rarely visit cities.
I still work on my personal development daily and inspire others to do the same, and I do not let what I do in life to define who I am.
We are all on different evolutionary personal journeys, and I can attest that your body & heart knows what feels right for you if you get the mind out of the way!
There are dozens more examples, but hopefully that clears up a few rational issues over the frequency battle that causes others to attack and troll (me) or anyone who do not bend to the egoic will of their self published pseudo claims!
Let’s all stop hurting each other, name calling and trying to destroy each others reputations!
432Hz is the real deal and is part of nature’s true healing code.
Celebrate our differences and GO IN PEACE  !
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