In the membership portion of this website I, Brian T Collins will present;
I. Third party research that suggests lower frequency of pitch MAY be beneficial in science and/or health and/or wellness niche markets and,
II. I will present lower tuning pitch as a separate tuning standard for the use of economic market growth and evolving innovation and,
III. I will present many tuning pitch myths that make pseudo half truth and fake news claims based on correlation without causation and,
IV. I will present and promote the use of simple Occam’s Razor logic to establish a focused reasonable argument for a new standard lower tuning preservation tuning pitch and,
V. I will present deduce that we are facing a behavioral perception paradigm problem, and that the classical science arguments cannot be relied upon as an absolute fact of proof, in leu of new quantum innovative discoveries and,
VI. I will present that the use of polar arguments of direct ‘this’ versus ‘that’ quantitative over qualitative comparison are fallacious in leu of the lower frequency preservation tuning pitch standard debate, because of the complex nature of physics, the constructive minds of the individual and new innovative quantum discoveries and models of consciousness and,
VII. I will present an international trade rights promulgation of the right to use and market a lower frequency preservation tuning pitch standard for reasonable enjoyment and therapeutic use, free from ridicule, libel, disparagement and discrimination.

Brian T Collins
Official 432 Preservation Pitch Campaign