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Sound is vibrating air. But how does the air start vibrating?
Created by David SantoPietro.


SOUND PROPERTIES (Amplitude, Period, Frequency, Wavelength)
How to find the amplitude, period, frequency, and wavelength for a sound wave.
Created by David SantoPietro.

THE SPEED OF SOUND (Mechanical waves and sound )
How fast does sound actually travel?
Created by David SantoPietro.

STANDING WAVES IN AN OPEN TUBE (Mechanical waves and sound)
Find out why a flute makes such specific notes. 
Created by David SantoPietro.

STANDING WAVES IN A CLOSED TUBE (Mechanical waves and sound)
Find out why you can make music by blowing into empty bottles. 
Created by David SantoPietro.

BEAT FREQUENCY (Mechanical waves and sound)
How to determine the wavelengths for a standing wave on a string.
Created by David SantoPietro.