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I propose a series of worldwide earth concerts on grid line points each solstice  and equinoxes which has ties to sacred geometry of the earth.
This is not sun cult worship, or frivolous new age belief, It is plain physics of planetary alignment, something that all our ancient ancestors had an intimate connection with. Indeed all societies upon the earth have a social and moral foundation based upon intimate ancient science and knowledge of the heavens and orbits of planetary alignment. To dismiss one’s origins brings dishonor to the ancestors that struggled down through the ages to endure to bring you forward to the modern world you view as reality today.

earth2The earth is like a huge Diapole magnet with telluric lines of energy that cris-cross its surface in the shape of spirals. There is enough information for self discovery that the earth regulates its magnetic  lines of force through ley lines and other telluric energies within the earth on certain astrological alignments. Massive temples and stone megaliths were built to remind us of our past and intimate connection to earth path through space, and few today recognize the importance of such alignments. Many such alignments not just charted our path through space, but also gave us intimate knowledge of sacred geometry and natural prime number mathematics.

432 calenish Ancient standing stone site sites such as Callanish and Avonbury were built on such ley lines of energetic force and although their true purpose is unknown to the public, their astrological alignments to the moon and sun certainly had something to do with tapping the natural subtle forces of the earth.

This grid system like all systems in nature is based on observable mathematics. Matter is a complex wave-particle configuration of Spherical Standing Waves.
By using sound or music tuned to natural grid geometries, we can possibly affect change in the planetary grid fields and collective consciousness for the betterment of Humanity.

432earthConcerts of music tuned to 432Hz placed on major grid points of the earth’s ley lines may spur global consciousness awakening and may allow us to connect with one another on a global scale.
By collectively connecting to natural frequencies we can possibly relieve stress within our daily lives.
Frequency is currently being changed both by nature and by artificial means.
This may explain why mass consciousness is expanding in sync with this change, much like how the pressure in a house expands when there is low pressure outside.

432 SphereAs 432 is a fractal within the planetary grid geometries, we may possibly affect positive change by tuning music to 432Hz.

We may truly can make a difference if we use multiples of 144 which will also align to number 432 eg 144 x 3 = 432 Since 144,000 minutes of arc is speed light latency travels in arc spirals, we can possibly bridge our consciousness with time and space whilst in these states of resonance. Truly it only takes 144,000 people to make a difference in the global collective consciousness so let’s make a musical positive difference for the world.

I do not believe in religion but I have experienced first hand contact of earth energies that has profound effects on consciousness. When we embrace the  leys of earth we become the leymen of proper custodianship for the planet.

Omega432™ 432 Scotland grid ©Brian T CollinsHere I use the ley line grid point in Scotland just as an example for a 432 Concert on a grid line point.  Such concerts should be held with spiritual music created with good intention, composition and harmony to bring wellbeing to the listeners. The best possible outcome is to have the musicians in a configuration to resonate spirals.
Such grounded music helps the global awakening not only the whole but the individual as well.
Omega432 concerts are self-organized and self-sufficient by those who want to participate. It will be open to anyone that want to organize concerts for their local areas and communities. it may only take three people  visiting such leys and standing stone site with 432Hz tuning forks  to make a difference.

For those that think that 432Hz can be used for control over the free will of others,  the grace of nature will recede from such ill will and malformed man made agendas…

Please visit the other sections of this website to find out how 432 Hz music can possibly benefit everyone.

2008-2020©Brian T Collins. All Rights Reserved

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  1. Noe Berengena says:

    It’s enormously interesting to me that when I am on my way to an important meeting (where I want to be relaxed, fully present and clear of mind) I usually
    intone the OM. (Deep slow breathing included)
    When I heard 432 Hz on a Youtube video recently, I immediately recognized the tone as the one I naturally adopt.

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