Website currently offline due to Interference and Shadow Banning

Dear Patron, since the original publishing of this site in mid 2000's, this website has suffered a series of catastrophic attacks and alterations by hackers and trollers aligned to nefarious ideologies to steal, plagiarize and alter my copyrights, images and content published on this website. This caused a serious conflict between myself and other promoters of 432 Hz, 440 Hz and 528 Hz. I have always maintained that frequency pitch is a subjective choice of the individual and that you the individual must choose what 'feels' right for your own personal choice.
In hindsight, the publishing of this website interrupted a strategy of controlled opposition that I was unaware of until I was censored and attacked. 
An organized clandestine counter intelligence strategy by persons unknown to me was launched online to create a deliberate psy-op battle between the proponents of 432Hz, 440 Hz and 528 Hz to disrupt, invert and project misinformation as a disruption strategy.

I tried my best to stay away from it however I was personally targeted and shadow banned on social media platforms for many years, honey trapped and trolled and my content and music stolen and restricted.
I walked away from promoting 432 Hz mostly by 2014 after a severe traumatic experience in the UK from meeting members of a new age cult between 2011-2013. During that time and under duress, this site was hacked and content altered.  Those alterations were republished by others and used as ammunition to cause contention with other people online.
I was subjected to severe mental duress and was not able to fix these alterations under traumatic conditions.

This website was a personal out of pocket hobby expense for me since it's inception, and due to being personally targeted, gang-stalked, threatened and censored over the years with severe restrictions on my career and finances, I operated in loss and struggled to maintain this site with proper online presence and marketing.
My music was stolen and scattered freely throughout torrents to destroy my ability to sustain a living. I was not able to publish the full extent of some of my earlier findings on 432 Hz and other frequencies which stalled my first rights publishing position. This website largely sat abandoned over a decade as I was not able to bring it to my original vision due to the trauma that it represented.

Today, dozens of fake news frequency sites and new ager / socialists have stolen my original articles and altered them to enjoin my name to other ideologies to damage my credibility and cause conflict with other people.
Several media types, published misleading articles about me to further damage my reputation and isolate me personally, professionally and financially. As a result, I could not trust any communication with people contacting me.
I remained isolated and undervalued and fell into poverty, self sabotage and homelessness which had a severe negative impact on my psyche, self worth and ability to maintain social contacts and have a normal quality of life.

Over the years my attempts to fix these issues ended with more trauma and was well beyond the scope of my understanding to fix.  I fully regret how I ran way, have been used, abused and misrepresented in the public, framed with fake news and my music stolen and distributed over the internet which took a serious toll on my health, wellbeing and safety.
Attempting to maintain this website and fix these issues under years of duress took a near fatal toll on my physical and emotional health and I almost passed away in Jan 2019.

I wished I could have done more to help, however the 432 Hz online movement was hijacked by fake news propaganda and is rife with frivolous frequency and conspiracy related information. The frequency psy-op agenda is further supported by big tech socialist media who align with globalist agendas to profit from hurting others.

I regret that I was not a stronger individual to withstand the gauntlet of evil alone, and I regrettably walked away from trusting many good people whom I helped and had helped me.

For my trespasses under duress, I ask that you forgive me, as I am only a man and I tried my best to help those in need. As I was recovering my health, I was targeted once again in summer of 2019 to isolate me further from others.
During the 2020 lockdown, I was robbed of my only transportation, my computers and email blacklisted and shadow banned on social media platforms once again. I relaunched this site in October 2020 with good intentions and high hopes however, it seems a futile attempt to repair the damage to online and today the 432 Hz online movement remains a new age/conspiracy gong show!  The same applies to all online "movements." currently infiltrated by controlled opposition to disrupt truth and progress.
If you try to share actual musical or historical truth or help others, you are whacka-moled by the minions of evil.

In closing,
I ask you in respect that you do proper due diligence on any online website that claims that ancient instruments were tuned to an ancient musical standard based on the modern arbitrary invention of logarithmic Hertz frequencies.
The new age movement is a mind controlled psy-op trap rife with narcissistic predators that sucks the life and intellectual property out of you under a false sense of "oneness" (communism) and I naively fell victim to opportunistic smiling wolves in sheeps clothing.

In reflection, the state of the world and mass mind control of globalist tyrants has sobered me to be a better man, repent my sins of self sabotage and align myself with Christ and accept that I do not have to to subscribe to the projections and evil manipulations of others.

Don't be duped by online frequency propaganda. Use your intuition and stay alert. Stay safe and healthy during the current world wide war of mind control trauma that currently erodes our nations, systems, ethical and spiritual values, culture, arts and natural organic state of being...
I wish each and everyone us the best of luck in times ahead!

Regrettably and Sincerely,
Brian T Collins