Official 432 Preservation Pitch

Due to the re-calibration of many tuners based on the Hertzian system resting on the arbitrary nature of the second, your tuner will display the number 432 Hz, however it may not actually represent the True Tone 432.
As a support, I have sampled my own calibrated tuning fork that I used for study for many years. This is a high grade steel 432 Tuning fork that you can see displayed in some older images on this website.

The purpose to display the True 432 Tone is so you can bypass the recalibration. You may find this tone not lining up to your modern tuner in 432 Hz due to the recalibration of the Hertzian system which relies on cycles per second of electricity powering your electronic device. This may seem like an abstract or pseudo idea to material commercial based academic minds or students, however there is more to the true nature of reality and perception of sound that is measured under arbitrary and abstract means of material space/time commercial based education.

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