The Musical Pitch Conflict

Official 432 Preservation Pitch

The Musical Pitch Conflict

“The internet is awash with deception in argument between 3 opposing points of view between music pitches A=440Hz A=432Hz and A=444Hz all of them arguing to confuse you to their point of view rather than promoting to you to TRY. This is called a controlled triangle of mind control or Psy-op. Only people create division, tones do not!

“This” “Versus” “That” is your problem right there!
It keeps you divided from the hands on experience of tone and keeps argument sustained whilst stopping true change. The only way true change can happen is through real life individual participation. When you change, your world changes!

You can Never experience anything outside of yourself, so why are you seeking outside of yourself for the answer of what music pitch you like?

You must FEEL IT for yourself. The cells of your body do not care about numbers, logic or philosophy. The body only knows the sensations of “feeling” and “experience” that tone can bring, the two very factors that are NOT allowed to be used in Scientific Study!

Music is about feeling, Use what Feels Right for You!

Don’t let those with agendas dazzle you with confusion of logic you can’t understand. If someone is trying to sway you to their point of view rather than asking you to try what feels right for you, then they have a controlled consensus agenda!

Everyone is different and there can NEVER be an accurate study done on the sensation of tone and how it effects You, and Your subjective consciousness. I am the only one who says you must TRY to FEEL the difference. Whatever you choose is RIGHT for You and You alone.

I ALONE EMPOWER YOU to choose what’s right for You!

Get out of the box of argument and into the experience of LIFE.”